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The concept of the "Backyard Ultra" comes from the imagination of Lazarus Lake, the father of the  Barkley Marathons.  He wanted with the "Backyard Ultra" to test the resistance of runners and runners.


The principle is simple: a 6.706 km loop that everyone must complete in less than an hour, with a new start every hour. He chose the distance of 6.706 km because in 24 hours you will have traveled 100 miles, or 160 km. What a little walk!

It is up to each participant to manage their effort to last over time and make the most loops until they quit. Going fast and resting for a long time or jogging and chaining loops without a break are two strategies among many others. The management of sleep and food are therefore essential issues.


The “Backyard Ultra” phenomenon has been exported to more than 50 countries around the world. T he Sports Center of Warfaaz is happy to host the first edition in the Province of Liège. For your information, the world record is 85 loops for men (2021 record) and 68 for women (2020 record).

This May 7, 2022, we invite you to take on the Backyard challenge in Spa, and find out where your limits are.

Plus, if you want to attempt to get to the Big Dog's Backyard and take on the best in the world. You need to complete a minimum of 30 laps in a silver ticket event (like "Until The End") in order to eventually join the Belgian team, compete in the national championship and have a chance to qualify for Big Dog's Backyard in Tennessee. The Belgian national team will be made up of the 5 winners of the Belgian editions and the 10 best riders having completed more than 30 laps.

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